Finding Nemo

Finding Nemo is a very humorous movie and most scenes are funny but some are very sad and dramatic. By knowing how scenes are funny you look by the audio, visual and linguistic parts. For audio you listen for the music and pace, so when the shark eats the mum and the fish eggs they have a very dramatic music. Also for visual when there are sad or happy moments you would be able to tell by the facial expressions. For linguistic you can tell what they are feeling by their text, so if they were happy they would use a higher pitched tone and if they were feeling dull they would use a lower pitched tone.

They use a lot of camera shots in Finding Nemo. The shots they use are Top-Bottom or a birds eye view, Bottom-Top where it has a shot at the bottom and looks up, close up where it has a shot from your shoulder up and extreme closes up where it zooms up to your face. They used an extreme close up when the scuba diver trapped Nemo and an Bottom-Top when Nemo was on the rock and about to go to sea to ‘touch the butt’. Also a Top-Bottom when Nemo was on the stingray and he was looking down at all the fish.

The characters were very well thought of. So Dory is a very humorous character because she forgets everything. Marlin is scared of everything and is overprotective with Nemo. The sharks, you would think they are mean by the first look at them but they had soft heart until they smelt blood. Finally Nemo, a risk taker about a lot of things.

Do you like Finding Nemo?

100 word challenge

It was so hot…..
I was sweating so much I felt like water was running from a kettle onto my body. Mum gave us icy poles and I held it in my hand and it started melting. AAHH TOO HOT!!!! As you can guess it is summer and right now at 6:00pm it is 32.4° OMG! We have a swimming pool in our backyard and the water is so good when it’s summer. The sun went down at 7:00pm and the weather went down to 30.2°. It was time to go to sleep and mum put the air conditioner on, feels great!!

Nazi poem


The Nazi Soldiers ready for war,
We went back to fight, we went back for more,
In 1942 we went by boats,
There were no sweaters there were no coats,
We pulled up the flag,
an old dirty rag,
Rifles and tanks ready to fight,
We’re trying to win with all our might

Response to Once Ch.1

Hello there at school and we read a Chapter of the book  Once by Morris Gleitzman.

I felt really shocked how they had to share A bath at the orphanage each weekend it was pretty gross.

I felt sad imagining how many people stayed in orphanage without their parents up in the mountains where it would be cold and food would be scarce.

My questions are..

How many people would be staying in the orphanage? (approximately)

Why would the parents give up there kids because it is there kids and they shouldn’t of had the child.

I made a connection because there is an orphanage next to my school and there is an orphanage in the school.


Student Blogging Challenge Week 2


there are lots of must see places but I will give you only 10 must see places

I think the must see places in Vic are…..

1. Luna Park

2. Melbourne Aquarium

3. Queen Vic Market

4. Melbourne Zoo

5. ScienceWorks

6. Eureka Skydeck

7. Melbourne Star

8. Great Ocean Road

9. Bendigo Pottery

10. MCG 




Today I ran around the Kennington Resivoir  across  our school and I ran 3km. It took me 23:37. I like dancing and I do it once a week and I do tennis once a week as well but not on the same day as dancing. Do you do any sporting events weekly? Well that’s it from me, so I hope I hear from you soon!!!  🙂

About Me


My name is Lisa.I like Dogs, Art and Playing with my friends.I dislike people bullying or being mean. I want to be a doctor when I grow up. I like Pizza, Chocolate, Lollies and Lasagna. I ahve 5 people in my family. 

Do we have anything in common?