100 word challenge

It was so hot…..
I was sweating so much I felt like water was running from a kettle onto my body. Mum gave us icy poles and I held it in my hand and it started melting. AAHH TOO HOT!!!! As you can guess it is summer and right now at 6:00pm it is 32.4° OMG! We have a swimming pool in our backyard and the water is so good when it’s summer. The sun went down at 7:00pm and the weather went down to 30.2°. It was time to go to sleep and mum put the air conditioner on, feels great!!

Nazi poem


The Nazi Soldiers ready for war,
We went back to fight, we went back for more,
In 1942 we went by boats,
There were no sweaters there were no coats,
We pulled up the flag,
an old dirty rag,
Rifles and tanks ready to fight,
We’re trying to win with all our might